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Unwanted childlessness and consultation/ psychological support

Unwanted childlessness is responsible for one of the most grievous crises with emotional, social, economic and psychological consequences on the couple, as well as on their personal and professional environment.

How consultation/ psychological support can contribute

When unwanted childlessness affects a man and woman in distinct areas of their lives, consultation/ psychological support can and does provide support without criticism in a space where the couple can learn to express and manage its grief and anguish throughout the duration of treatment.

Through consultation/ psychological support, individuals or couples will be provided with help to understand their emotional situation, to better handle decisions regarding treatment methods, to face issues from failed attempts, eventual cancelled attempts or miscarriages, and to regain their mental and physical strength, in order to be able to handle the impact of unwanted childlessness successfully, individually and as a unit.

Because unwanted childlessness can impact every aspect of a person’s life, the role of consultation/ psychological support is recognized in most medical centers.

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