Pre-implantation screening


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Pre-implantation screening

Indications: Genetic diseases of the parents

blankWhen both parents are carriers of a recessive disease

blankDetection of chromosomal anomalies

blankWomen over 40 years of age

blankCouples with a history of multiple failed IVF attempts

blankWhen one parent is a carrier of a dominant or sex-linked disease

blankCouples with offspring or pregnancies of embryos with chromosomal disorders

blankCouples with a history of miscarriages

blankGiving birth to HLA-compatible offspring

Pre-implantation genetic testing is used for the identification
of single gene disorders in embryos, such as:

blankSingle gene disorders


blankSex-linked diseases

blankDuchenne’s muscular dystrophy

blankCystic fibrosis

blankHuntington’s chorea


blankSex-linked mental retardation

Obviously, PGT can only be performed in the context of IVF. The couple’s embryos are submitted to a biopsy and the cells retrieved from each embryo are submitted to genetic screening. Only normal embryos are implanted in the woman’s uterus.

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